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SSQ Financial Group: Delegates


Any person holding an insurance, annuity or investment contract established by SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc., either directly or by way of enrolment in a group, is a member of SSQ, Mutual Management Corporation.


For the purpose of forming an Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is representative of the diversity of all members of SSQ, Mutual Management Corporation, delegates are designated through the group to which they belong or, in the case of members holding an individual contract, designated by draw.


In order to facilitate the process of designating delegates, groups and members are classified into five categories:


-         Groups with 700 members or more


-         Groups with under 700 members


-         Partner groups


-         Group made up of individual members


-         Group made up of employee and retiree members of SSQ


Delegates have full voting privileges at the AGM. They represent the interests of, and exercise the decision-making authority of all members, specifically by electing members of the Board of Directors. Delegates can therefore influence the continuing development and direction SSQ Financial Group will take. This active participation also provides members with an opportunity to become candidates for election to the Board of Directors of SSQ, Mutual Management Corporation.


The AGM is held in Quebec City on a Saturday in the month of April. On the Friday before the AGM, delegates and board directors are invited to a conference in the afternoon and a dinner show in the evening.


To facilitate participation in the democratic process, SSQ reimburses travel and accommodation expenses incurred by delegates in relation to their participation in the AGM and the previous day's conference.